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Fitzroy Rotary August Bulletin 2018

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Bulletin August 2018

Membership and New Club Development Month


July 2nd Annual Sports Scholarship Dinner


The Sports Scholarship Dinner was a most successful night with 14 new recipients receiving recognition. They were chosen because they displayed the qualities of dedication, initiative, leadership and selflessness. In return the recipients will undertake some form of community activity with the Rotary Club in the future.



Recipients from Collingwood Allstars Basketball Club, Athiaan Manyiel and Daniella Nagnda with President Tony Corr.

Edinburgh Cricket Club recipients, Mickaela Kennedy and Felix Sharkey with President Stuart Whiley. Miles Fricke also received a scholarship but was not present.




The four Under 19s recipients from the Fitzroy Football Club, from left Ethan Carswell, Alex Prokos, Donald Bryce and Jack Walter accompanied by Joan Eddy, President and coach Greg Coleman.




Recipients from the Fitzroy Junior Football Club - from left Georgina David Hanna, Maeve Barton, Ned Long, Tom Bishop and Clancy Morris-Dalton with President Phil Murdoch


July 9th

Fellowship Dinner at the Terminus Hotel


We ventured to the Terminus Hotel for a fellowship dinner on locals night. We were seated in the old restaurant and everyone seemed to enjoy the night. We may go back there later in the year.


July 16th Meeting

Christmas in July

Thanks to Beverley for organizing the annual ‘Christmas in July’ function held at the Bowls Club. From all reports everyone had a fun time. Thanks also to Menka who assisted and provided the Christmas cake. Speakers from the scouts were very impressive. Funds raised on the night will go to the Fitzroy Scouts group.




July 22nd

Solar Smiles Cake Stall at Bunnings Port Melbourne




Above is a picture of the wonderful array of cakes and goodies offered at the stall, along with some of the helpers on the day. Phil would like to pass on a special thank you to Denise Charman who baked so many cakes and also put in a great effort serving on the stall. Just under $1600 was raised on the day. Phil and Claire put in a great baking effort also. Phil will let us know what to cook for the next stall. Phil would also like to thank a Rotary member who wishes to remain anonymous, for her large donation to the cause.









July 23rd & July 30th meetings

Membership Symposium and Discussion


The Future of Fitzroy Rotary

President Steve Earl is our first President for our second fifty years. Steve has indicated that whilst the club may well continue with many of its previous practices, programs and projects, it is also a time to reflect, renew and regenerate.


How the club organises itself:


During the last 2 meetings of July, member input and discussion has arrived at the following recommendations on how the club needs to move forward in the future:

  • ·       Establishing and maintaining archival records (history, programs, projects, procedures, reports, etc.) using both physical space and cloud space
  • ·       Ensuring all members have ready access to information about all of our current projects, programs and plans via website updates, spreadsheet summaries and brochures, etc.
  • ·       Identifying and promoting our impact rather than just what we do or what we contribute as a club
  • ·       Getting the organisations we support to promote the value of our contribution to those organisations
  • ·       Creating more value and achieving greater collaboration in our various community partnerships
  • ·       Engaging the various Fitzroy Rotary scholarship recipients to garner their advocacy, practical support or membership


Some initial ideas for enhancing the club program:


During the last 2 meetings of July, the following ideas were generated by members:

  • ·       Broaden the youth scholarships program to include the arts as well as sport
  • ·       Members to explore membership opportunities via other social, recreational or community activities in which they participate
  • ·       Create more productive relationships with local primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions
  • ·       Invite local organisations, businesses and community groups to present what they have to offer at a club forum
  • ·       Broaden our publicity and promotional strategy to include social media, print, an advocacy program and most importantly word of mouth
  • ·       Track the people the club has supported as a way of measuring impact and strengthening links

What next?

President Steve wants further input by the end of August. Here are his questions. Some of these might prompt a response from you.


  1. 1.    What do we do that is really good and we need to keep doing it?
  2. 2.    What do we need to do a lot better and how?
  3. 3.    What has reached its use by date and can be dropped?
  4. 4.    What new projects, programs or events are worth our consideration?
  5. 5.    What suggestions do you have about the recommendations and ideas already generated in our 2 July meetings (see above lists)?
  6. 6.    How can members be more engaged and involved in the club?
  7. 7.    How can Board processes and club decision-making be improved?
  8. 8.    In 3 to 5 years time what would you like to be proud of regarding Fitzroy Rotary?
  9. 9.    What else do you want to contribute to this future plan?

Club Program and Calendar


August 2018

Membership and New Club Development Month


   6 Aug                No meeting  

   8 Aug                50th Anniversary Celebration

                             La Trobe Golf Club Alphington

13 Aug                Fellowship Night Derby Hotel

20 Aug                Atticus Corr Experience at Lord Somers Camp

                            Bowling Club

27 Aug                Sudanese Young People and Basketball Coaches

                             Bowling Club


Board Members



Steve Earl


Ross Bootes


Pat Morton

Past President

Joy Millen

Humanitarian Services/

President Elect


Sue Moses-Critchley


Website & Social Media

Barrie Morton

Foundation & Fundraising

Jonathan Thick


Ann Haynes


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