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Fitzroy Rotary June Bulletin 2019

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Bulletin June 2019

Rotary Fellowship Month


Meeting 6th May

Members Volunteering in the Community


Denise, Joy and Sue spoke of the volunteering they do in the community. This was also an opportunity to learn more about our Rotary members and their other interests. All three spoke with passion about their chosen roles. Denise spoke of her mentoring role with the police force, while Joy spoke of her role as a volunteer tourist and information guide in the City of Melbourne. Sue spoke of her work with the Church and the many forms that takes.

Meeting 20th May

Kieser North Fitzroy

Thanks to Jess for running an informative evening at her Kieser Clinic. We were introduced to the concept of Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Strength training combined to provide individual programs for members. After an initial assessment and consultation with a physio, a specific program is devised for each member to undertake under close supervision from the staff. Jess’s staff also demonstrated how the various machines worked and which areas of fitness they focused on. It was an informative and enjoyable evening, which concluded with drinks and nibbles.


Meeting 27th May

Combined event with Fitzroy Victoria Bowls Club




There were 56 people in attendance at the combined function. The dinner celebrated the award given to the FV Bowls Club for running the Best Youth Development Program across all sporting clubs in Victoria. Fitzroy Rotary was the first sponsors of the program and has had several of the young squad member’s assist at Rotary events. Relatively new Rotary member Jess Hiew was also announced as a new FV sponsor during the dinner. Joy Millen presented FV President Dobe Newton with a Certificate of Appreciation for 15 years of hosting and supporting Fitzroy Rotary Club. A big thanks to the Rotary and FV members who supported the event. Above is a photo of the young people who took part in the program with a few of the parents who have supported the program.




We took this photo of Val last Saturday at the Fitzroy FC football match at the Brunswick St Oval. She was resplendent in her red outfit and well on the way to full health. It was great to see her so happy and back in full voice barracking for her beloved Reds.



Club Program and Calendar


June 2019

Rotary Fellowship Month


3 Jun                        Social activity Venue: Zafeera’s Malaysian Indian Restaurant 563 Nicholson St Carlton North

                                    Board meeting at 5.30 pm

10 Jun                         Public Holiday

                                    No meeting

17 Jun                         Meeting Bowls Club

22 Jun                          Annual Rotary Footy Lunch

24 Jun                         Meeting Bowls Club

                                    Speaker from Abbotsford Convent


July 2019


1 July                         Board Meeting @ 5.30 pm

                                    Meeting @ Bowls Club – The

7 July                         Changeover Lunch to be held at the Bowls Club

                                    12.45 for 1.00pm

8 July                         No meeting

15 July                         Club Meeting @ Bowls Club – District Governor

22 July                         Social Activity TBC

29 July                         ‘Christmas in July’, joint meeting of Fitzroy and Richmond Rotary Clubs Venue: Bowls Club




  • ·        Changeover Lunch to be held at the Bowling Club on 7th July. Cost $45 RSVP to Sue Moses-Critchley by Friday 
  • 21st June 0418 342 482 or
  • ·        Christmas in July to be held at the Bowling ClubRSVP: Contact Beverley 0412 365 404 (SMS)     
  •                                                 or
  • 6.00 for 6.30 pm 29th July cost: $45

          Board Members



Steve Earl


Ross Bootes


Pat Morton

Past President

Joy Millen

Humanitarian Services/

President Elect


Sue Moses-Critchley


Website & Social Media

Barrie Morton

Foundation & Fundraising

Jonathan Thick


Ann Haynes

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