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Fitzroy Rotary July Buletin 2019

Bulletin July 2019

New Rotary Year


Welcome to the New Rotary Year. As we come to the end of another Rotary year I would like, on behalf of the Club members to thank Steve Earl in his role as President of Fitzroy Rotary during the 2018-2019 year. We know he has a busy work life and he is also a great supporter of other causes within the community, so we appreciate his leadership of the Fitzroy Rotary Club during this time. We would also like to thank Michelle who has supported Steve and assisted the Club during the year.


Moving into the new Rotary year we welcome Sue Moses-Critchley

as our new President. Sue has been busy preparing for the role and I am sure she will do a great job. As well as preparing for the Changeover Lunch Sue has reviewed our involvements and activities in preparation for the visit by the DG at the meeting on July 15.


3rd June

Social Activity

Thanks to Steve for organizing a fellowship dinner at Zafeera’s Malaysian Indian Restaurant in North Carlton. A most enjoyable night was had by all and it was well worth trying a new restaurant.


22 June Footy Lunch


Thanks to all those Rotarians who attended the footy lunch and brought along friends. A big thanks also to Peter Hille for his organization of the day and his MC work. Although President Steve could not stay for the lunch he called in and spoke eloquently about the relationship between the FFC and Fitzroy Rotary extending back over 12 years and nurturing the leadership skills of several dozen young men from the local community.


Dobe Newton was our guest speaker. Dobe is President of the Australian Country Music Association, along time member of the Bushwackers Band and locally, he is the President of the Fitzroy Victoria Bowls Club. He spoke of his journey into the world of music and how he has combined it with teaching. From there he spoke of his current role in music education, which focuses on business education for upcoming young musicians.





Meeting 24th June

Collette Brennan, CEO of the Abbotsford Convent was a very engaging and interesting speaker. She spoke about the Convent with its commitment to community and heritage, as well as the range of activities and various functions that are held within the Convent precinct. Collette invited the Rotary Club to hold our proposed Art Show there next year. Denise and Michael will follow this up as we think it will be a great venue. She also invited Rotarians to come and visit and to hold some other functions there. Plus there are volunteering opportunities at the Convent and tax deductibility for donations.








Club Program and Calendar


July 2019

New Rotary Year


1 July                 Meeting Bowling Club

                             Board meeting at 5.30 pm

7 July                 Changeover Lunch to be held at the Bowls Club

                             12.45 for 1.00pm

8 July                 No meeting

15 July                 Visit by new DG Grant Hocking

                             Board to meet with DG at 5.45pm

Meeting Bowling Club

22 July                 Social activity tbc

29 July                 ‘Christmas in July’, joint meeting of Fitzroy and Richmond Rotary Clubs.

Speaker Morris Orchard – Assistant Chief Commissioner, speaking on the scouting movement in Victoria.

Venue: Bowls Club

August 2019

Rotary Membership Month


5 Aug                 Meeting Bowling Club

                             Board meeting

9 Aug                 Jess Hiew has invited Rotarians to help celebrate the 12 months anniversary for her Kieser business

6.30 pm at the Bowls Club

12 Aug                 Social activity tba

18 Aug                 Winter Warmers Soup Soiree at Michael & Clive’s

                             Early dinner 5.30pm

19 Aug                 No meeting

26 Aug                 Social activity tba



  • ·       Changeover Lunch to be held at the Bowling Club on 7th July. Cost $55 RSVP to Sue Moses-Critchley  
  • Mob: 0418 342 482 or
  • ·       Christmas in July to be held at the Bowling ClubRSVP: Contact Beverley 0412 365 404 (SMS)
  • 6.00 for 6.30 pm 29th July cost: $45


  • ·       Phil & Claire need assistance with Solar Smiles BBQs on: -   Friday 26th July
  • -         Sunday 24th November
  • -         Friday 20th December

Board Members



Sue Moses-Critchley

President Elect and Secretary


Anthea MacTiernan

Treasure and Past President


Steve Earl

Humanitarian Services



Sue Moses-Critchley


Website & Social Media


Barrie Morton

Foundation & Fundraising


Jonathan Thick

International Services


Phil Hill


Ann Haynes



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